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The ultimate protection sleeves for ropes & slings

Triple A Plus™ is now available for all lifting, towing, or mooring applications where enhanced resistance to all forms of abrasion is desirable or imperative. The advantages can be summarized as:

  • Superior resistance to every form of abrasion.
  • Excellent resistance to sharp edges.
  • Outstanding tear resistance when under extreme pressure.
  • Exceptional flexibility as expected from a textile product.
  • Very significant improvement in the safety of lifting apparatus.
  • Total enhancement of longevity of rope and slings.
  • Triple A Plus™ is able to consistently perform at such high levels that no other protection sleeve is currently capable of achieving.

Triple A Plus™ is currently available in two qualities, both constructed from 100% Dyneema® yarn, and each with a 2 ply wall construction: -
Heavy Duty, having a nominal 5mm wall thickness
Light Duty, having a nominal 3mm wall thickness.

All Triple A Plus™ quality sleeves have integrally woven red lines on the inside face, which are recommended to be used as 'wear indicators'. At a time when the outside face of the sleeve has worn to such a degree that the red lines are visible, consideration should be given to replacement.

For ease of identification, all Triple A Plus™ sleeves have integrally woven gold lines on the outside face denoting that they are of Marathon manufacture.

The manufacturing capabilities of Marathon are such that protection sleeves to suit all dimensions of ropes and slings can be adequately catered for.

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Copsil press compensating mat (pad)
Copsil ™
Press compensating mats (pads) for the laminate industry.

Copsil ™ press pads (press mats) were first introduced to the laminate industry in 1995 and the commercial success and individual achievements of the product surpassed even our own high expectations. The remarkable compensation and heat transfer ability of our press pad (press mat) has made it amazingly successful.

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Run out table using Red Roller sleeves
Roller Sleeves
High performance run out roller sleeves for the aluminium extrusion industry.

Like most industries, the aluminium extrusion industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated and competitive as customer expectations rise inexorably higher. We produce a complete range of high temperature run out roller sleeves, transfer belts, transfer arms and walking beam covers to suit systems produced by any of the world's handling system manufacturers.

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Biscuit conveying
Biscuit Webbing
Cotton and polyester webbing for the biscuit industry.

Cotton webbing has been widely used in the production of biscuits for several generations. The release properties and absorption characteristics of woven cotton cannot be matched by more modern materials. We believe that we are the only remaining volume conveyor belt manufacturer of the traditional finely woven, two ply, styles which have always enjoyed an excellent reputation in the industry.

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Impression Fabric
Impression Fabric
Impression fabric for the rubber industry.

The method of manufacturing rough top rubber or PVC conveyor belting requires the application of a mould or matrix to imprint a specific pattern onto the surface of the belting. We have developed an extensive range of woven impression fabric profiles that are used worldwide in conveyor belting manufacture. Each profile has been developed to meet stringent customer requirements for specific applications.

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Glass conveying
Glass Conveying
High Temperature Woven Textiles and Belts for Glass Conveying.

For several years we have become established as conveyor belt manufacturers, weaving belting to operate at high temperatures and initially these were used almost exclusively in the aluminium extrusion industry as transfer belts, slat-top covers and roller sleeves. A natural progression from this was to extend the use of high temperature woven textiles (belts) into glass manufacturing and as well as the existing products such as Triton in various forms, new products are now available woven from PBO, one of a family of sophisticated fibres perhaps better known for its use in such applications as personal body armour.

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Company Profile

Marathon Belting Limited was formed in the UK in 1976 to fill a small niche as a woven conveyor belt manufacturer. Since that time our market research, development and innovation has taken us into the field of heavy industrial textiles. We believe that we have the most diverse range of looms, the majority of which are shuttle looms, in the textile industry, having the ability to weave from 50mm to 3000mm in width from a single ply construction up to 40mm thick woven as a nine ply. Our company is now market leader in many areas of specialised heavy weaving and conveyor belt manufacturing, where durable and precise textile constructions are needed to fulfil difficult operating requirements often at high temperatures.